Saturday August 23, 2014
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Written by Administrator

Dear Colleagues,

We have reached with the District a 3-year successor agreement.

If you are a Member of NMFT (not a service-fee payer), you will receive a
ratification ballot with voting instructions by U.S. Mail at the home address on
file with the NMFT Thursday, August 21, 2014. Below is the Tentative Agreement
for your review prior to voting on the contract.

Please return ballot by mail no later than Wednesday, September 3, 2014.

In Unity,
Kimberly Claytor

 Click here for the 2014-2017 Tentative Agreement

Tentative Agreement Q&A Meeting, August 27, 2014 at 4pm at the N-MFT Office.

Written by Administrator


Sisters and Brothers,

Update: The District has accepted 6 of the 15 additional days offered up for
negotiations in addition to adding four hours to our July 28th bargaining
session (see below); so, we should be in good shape to complete the process. We
may also be able to add another date in August pending availability of the
District's new team member, Spencer Covert. We continue to negotiate for salary,
benefits, and the working conditions spelled out in other articles and
appendixes of our contract with the District.

Monday, July 28
(already on calendar)

Monday, July 28
(adds to 4pm)

Thursday, July 31
(already on calendar)

Checking on 8/7 or 8/8
(date pending)

Monday, August 11

Monday, August 18

Wednesday, August 27

Friday, August 29

Tuesday, September 2

Thursday, September 4

Please know that your union bargaining team has the best interest of our entire
bargaining unit in our hearts and minds as we continue the struggle throughout
the summer months.

We appreciate YOUR SUPPORT!! If you have questions about negotiations or any
other contract related issue, please do not hesitate to call us.

In Unity,
Kimberly Claytor

Written by Administrator


June 30, 2014

Sisters and Brothers,

N-MFT Bargaining team members, Jaymi Ropp, Jean Bain, Patrick DeVusser, Nicholas
Dix, and Kimberly Claytor met with NUMSD team members John Caldecott, John Drake
and Gloria Duncan.
Unfortunately, the District declined to extend today’s session beyond 12:30pm.

On a positive note, N-MFT brought a proposal to the District team to sign off on
the Employee Benefit Committee’s recommendation to accept an enhanced Dental HMO
benefits plan (compared to the current Dental HMO plan), a savings on the Dental
HMO premium (along with a rate cap for years 2 and 3), and a rate pass-through
on the current Dental PPO plan. The District and N-MFT signed an MOU to move
forward on these changes.

Unfortunately, the District cancelled our next scheduled negotiations date of
July 2, 2014; so, our next negotiation session is July 28, 2014. Moving forward,
the District will be sending attorney Spencer Covert to the negotiations table
for our remaining dates. We will continue to negotiate on salary, benefits, and
the other open contract articles at our future negotiations meetings.

One last thing, N-MFT has offered 15 more dates in August and September for
further negotiations session. We hope you are well and enjoying your summer.

In Unity,
Kimberly Claytor

Written by Administrator


June 11, 2014

Sisters and Brothers,

Thank You! Thank you for your support, informational picketing, and above all,
your voices at the School Board meeting last night! Some of you expressed your
needs for our POS Plan, your concerns regarding the lack of good-faith
bargaining of our District, and many of you eloquently stated you are feeling
the disrespect. All messages equally important, all messages equally valued.

A special thank-you to our RETIREES! Wow! What can we say? You support, you
speak to the history of our Union, and you continue to fight the fight! We
value, respect, and appreciate you!

We had an amazing turnout, but this fight is not over. We need to continue to be
present, be strong, and be united!

Here is what you need to know:

1. We had a Bargaining Session today. There has been no change in the District’s
position regarding Benefits. The District attempted to present the same terms,
which we have refused on your behalf. This does not mean we are unwilling to
continue negotiations on Health Benefits, but the District remains steadfast in
its campaign to force the HMO/PPO/Kaiser Option on our Bargaining Unit, rather
than responding to our proposals.

2. Our next Bargaining Session is scheduled for June 16, 2014.

3. As you close the year with grading, graduations, and boxing up rooms, know
that we will continue to negotiate throughout the summer (5 dates scheduled).
PLEASE continue to check your emails regarding the status of our contract and
your involvement in the Fight For A Fair Contract!

In Unity,
Kimberly Claytor

Written by Administrator


The N-MFT Bargaining Team met with the District's team this morning. The
District responded to our May 9, proposal as follows:

1. They said "NO" to our proposal that it increase the employer contribution
towards benefits.
2. There was no specific response to our proposal of a 6% across the board
salary increase for the 14-15 school year.
3. The District has indicated that it "has no plans to commit to salary and/or
benefit cap increases for future years of a multi-year contract."

The District did not fully convey the rationale for the positions it presented
in its two-page response to our May 9, 2014 counter-proposal. We explained to
the District that we would review their written proposal and respond to it in
writing in advance of our next bargaining session scheduled for June 11, 2014.

We are resolved to continue negotiating with the District in good faith and to
fight for a contract that demonstrates the respect we deserve through a
compensation package that exchanges our work for the benefits we need and the
raise we deserve. To date, the District has not made an offer that reflects its
appreciation for our hard work, dedication, loyalty, and years of sacrifice
during hard economic times.

Employees will not realize the full benefit of the District's current salary
offer unless it is also willing to increase its contribution towards benefits.
For the past four years, we have lost income because more has been deducted from
our paychecks to cover the increase in cost of benefits. All employees have
stood by the District through the darkest of times; and now that the District is
in a greatly improved financial position, we expect our share of this new found

We will not stand for a fair-weather friend relationship with the District. They
expect us to be partners in bad times and servants in good times! This fight is
about self-respect and dignity. You've earned the right to be in a full
partnership with the District. Your work has value and we must fight together
for the full benefit of that partnership. Those in charge of the purse-strings
in this district are being fully compensated for their work. Why shouldn't the
rest of us be fully compensated? A pat on the head is not compensation for work
when we need quality medical benefits and an increase in our paychecks to
support our families.

Respectfully Submitted,
Your Bargaining Team

Written by Kimberly Claytor


Dear Dr. Navarro and NMUSD School Board,

Thank you so much for your efforts to gain N-MFT's input with respect to the Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP). We appreciate the visit to our union meeting by Mrs. Astarita and Dr. D'Agostino. Their explanation of LCAP and the District's process was helpful.

The process we utilized to adopt this report to you  included consideration of the presentation by Mrs. Astarita and Dr. D'Agostino along with the results from several meetings with representatives from our school sites, input from our membership, discussions with some community leaders, the District Priorities, and a reflection of the union values we hold such as access to quality public education for all students.

Finally, we have limited our input to three areas for each Priority in order to emphasize the aspects we feel are most reflective of our ideas of greatest importance and greatest impact on student learning given the work done by our bargaining unit members .

Please accept the following report as N-MFT's LCAP input to NMUSD.

Written by Administrator

Negotiations Update # 7
May 9, 2014

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

At today’s bargaining session the District informed us that CSEA tentatively
agreed to, and that NMAA and NMSA have unanimously voted in favor of, a 6.36%
salary raise, an increase to their monthly paycheck deduction for benefits, and
a mandated change in the level of health benefits.

This same package was offered to N-MFT; however, we found that this package was
UNACCEPTABLE for our members. The N-MFT bargaining team stood our ground and
countered the District’s offer with the following multi-year proposal:

2014-2015:    6% across the board raise + Increase District contribution to cover
the entire cost of our current POS medical plan

2015-2016    3% across the board raise + Increase the District contribution by 10%

2016-2017    Salary raises will be reopened for negotiations + Benefits will be
reopened for negotiations

We remain committed to fighting for the benefits we need and the raise we

Negotiations Update #7 pdf

In Solidarity,
Your N-MFT Bargaining Team

Negotiations Update #6 May 6, 2014
Dear Sisters and Brothers in the Union,

We have been flooded with your emails and phone calls of support for the efforts
of the negotiations team. Please keep up the unity! It is very encouraging to
the Bargaining Team as it validates the personal sacrifices being made by each
member on behalf of all of the members of our Union. We must continue to stick
together and stand strong if we are to win the benefits we need and the raises
we deserve. Our work has tremendous value to the lives of our students and our

When we stand together, we can win as much as possible through negotiations. If
we are divided, we can only beg for charity and then end up settling for less
than we need and deserve.

Our unity will define the outcome of negotiations. We need strength at the
bargaining table that is held up by the strength of our unity and dignity.

In Solidarity,
Kimberly Claytor

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