Thursday April 24, 2014
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Written by Administrator


Our second negotiations session with the District was held today, March 19, 2014.  Our discussions centered on our main goals:

1) Securing a Salary Increase

2) Maintaining or Improving Health Benefits (cost savings on out-of pocket expenses)

The District has demonstrated a shared interest in increasing salaries and has made an initial offer. The details related to District’s salary proposal must be kept confidential, as a part of our overall bargaining strategy. We are reviewing the District’s proposal and we are awaiting a recommendation from the Employee Benefits Committee.

Our next bargaining session is scheduled for April 2, 2014.

In Unity,
Kimberly Claytor

Written by Administrator


Sisters and Brothers,

Our Negotiations Team (Nicholas Dix, Jaymi Ropp, Patrick DeVusser, and Jean Bain) would like to provide you with the following update...

Contract negotiations have begun. At our first session, held on March 5, 2014, we discussed the following:
•       Ground rules
•       Benefits
•       Identifying interests related to Union and District’s Initial Proposals
•       Term of Agreement: the possibility of a multi-year agreement
Our next negotiation session will be held March 19, 2014.

In Unity,
Kimberly Claytor

Written by Administrator


Dear Colleagues,

The N-MFT negotiations team has reached a tentative agreement (TA) with the district. Our success is due in large part to the solidarity campaign with CSEA. We need to continue our solidarity actions at the School Board meeting tomorrow night (August 27, 2013 at 7pm). N-MFT members will join CSEA in sending a message to the School Board that all employees deserve equal benefits.

The TA is attached and highlights are as follows:

1. Paycheck deductions for benefits will remain the same: 1-party = $86.00, 2-party = $137.00, and 3+party = $189.15 tenthly.
2. K-3 prep time and release day language updated. Principals may consider recess rotations, music time or other coverage to allow for K-3 teacher conference/prep time. District agrees to review, discuss, and negotiate up to 3 release days for K-3 teachers when it becomes operationally and economically feasible.
3. District has an additional 5 days to balance student load to 180 for full time secondary teachers.
4. R&R Committees to make recommendation for R&R plan at the end of the school year for voting at the beginning of the following school year. Flex units will remain the same in 13-14 as they were in 12-13.


Click here for the 2013-14 TA Agreement Summary by Articles

Click here for the 2013-14 TA Modified Articles

Click here for 2014-15 Calendar


Contract Ratification Timeline:
August 26th: TA posted and ballots prepared for mailing to members.
August 26th - September 10th: Review TA.
August 30th: Meeting to answer questions about TA at N-MFT office, 3-4pm.
September 5th: Meeting to answer questions about TA at N-MFT office, 3-4pm.
September 11th: Ballots must be returned to N-MFT by USPS.
September 12th: Ballots counted at N-MFT office. 3:30pm.


Check out

The Power of the Union is in our Solidarity, Unity, and, most of all, our Members!

Kimberly Claytor
President, Newport-Mesa Federation of Teachers AFT local 1794
Vice President, California Federation of Teachers
Vice President, Orange County Labor Federation

Written by Administrator


Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Update August 7, 2013.

Since school has let out, our N-MFT Negotiations team has met with the District team on July 5th, July 31st, and August 5th. We’ve had three main focal points in our negotiations sessions.


First, we continue to hold the position that the District needs to meet us halfway on the increased cost of healthcare benefits by paying the $70 per month increase in premiums for our entire bargaining unit. We have included a separate negotiations update on benefits as we have been working side-by-side with our sisters and brothers in CSEA to insist that the District increase their contribution to employee healthcare benefits so that all district employees have affordable coverage, not just those at the top of the District pay scale.


The second area of focus has been in gaining some preparation time within the regular school day for our K-3 teachers. As we are all very aware, our workload has increased due to many reasons – increased class sizes, new programs, new curriculum, etc. Our bargaining unit members who teach kindergarten, and first through third grade students do not have any contractual preparation time. Our most recent proposal asks that the District provide report card days for these members. The District has indicated that the cost to provide a substitute teacher for all our K-3 bargaining unit members (three times per year for report card days) will be approximately $85,000. We believe that our K-3 teachers deserve and need this resource in order to continue to provide the world-class education that our students deserve.


We continue to remain steadfast against the District’s proposal to increase class size in secondary schools. Our contract limits the number of students assigned to secondary teachers to 180 and we do not agree with any rationale to increase that number.

Our next bargaining session is Monday, August 12th. If there is not movement at the table on the District’s part, we will need you to show up on August 27th to urge the School Board to direct the District to meet us half way. If we do see movement, we will need you to show up to thank the School Board for their appreciation of all employees! Either way, please mark your calendars to show up at the School Board meeting on August 27th.

In Unity,

Your Negotiations Team: Jean Bain, Jaymi Ropp, Patrick DeVusser, and Nicholas Dix

and N-MFT President, Kimberly Claytor


Click here for the Newport Mesa Schools Foundation Grant Application 2013

Written by Administrator


Our next bargaining session is set for Thursday, June 6th.                                                                                         WEAR BLUE and your N-MFT WE CARE wristband!

Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Update #6

May 24, 2013

This session of negotiations was devoted to three primary contract issues; (1)
Common Core Impact to Secondary Education, (2) Healthcare Benefits, (3) R & R.

The general curriculum strategy for secondary Math was shared and explored.  Further discussions regarding assignments and roles are required before acceptance of this plan by NMFT.

Recently developed recommendations from the Benefits Committee were presented and a Memo of Understanding (MOU) reflecting these recommendations was presented for consideration. This MOU was executed in an effort to limit employee out-of-pocket costs. Further efforts to minimize scheduled plan increases to all bargaining members will be continued at our next negotiations session.

R&R revamping strategies were presented by NMUSD for discussions.  Attention to smoothing out this process appears to be more directed toward High School positions and management at this time.

At that time, an article by article review of all issues currently being negotiated was conducted by both parties. Articles involving possible financial impact were identified and discussed. Those without direct financial impact were minimally discussed within this review.  Homework was assigned to NMUSD so that the negotiations could move forward expeditiously, as the year is quickly coming to an end.

Hopefully, all of you received your wristbands in time to show solidarity to your Negotiations Team. I know we had them on throughout our meeting time.

Our next bargaining session is set for Friday, June 6th. WEAR BLUE and your N-MFT WE CARE wristband!

Also - Please Click here to see Employee Benefit Committee Recommendation for Plan Changes.

Written by Administrator

Successor Collective Bargaining Agreement Negotiations Update #4

April 27, 2013

The discussions regarding health care benefits for the next contract year continued in this session.  Previously requested information from the provider (Anthem) was presented, explained, and discussed.  Extensive work on the part of the Benefits Committee has produced lots of information and education on how healthcare costs are managed and assigned. The District expressed an interest in continuing the discussion on benefits at our next session.
Article 3, specifically, preparation times afforded for report card preparation, lesson planning, and collaboration were also discussed in this session. The goal of equity across grade levels is foremost in these negotiations for NMFT and has been repeatedly presented to NMUSD. Additional options to move toward this equity were presented by both sides. Some of these options presented were the result of between session discussions and fact finding. Additional financial information has been requested by NMFT of NMUSD.
Modifications to the R&R process and how to streamline the process as a year-to-year task were also discussed during this session. Several changes that could streamline submission and approval steps at the sites were presented by both sides.  Significant advancement was made in forming a strategic solution to this essential activity.
The Negotiating Team salutes those of you wearing your NMFT stickers on Friday.  Contact your NMFT Site representative for future demonstrations of Solidarity and support of negotiations.  Our next negotiating session is set for Thursday May 9th.
In Solidarity,
Your Bargaining Team: Nicholas Dix, Jean Bain, Jaymi Ropp, Patrick DeVusser

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